Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Acne Scars And Acne Treatment naturally, Ten acne hacks you need to try:

 Pimple Hacks You Need To Try At Home:



Beauty expert Kelly match which shows you how to banish those blemishes

without wasting money on expensive products there's no reason to spend a

lot of money on expensive department store or drugstore

acne medication when you probably already have some natural ingredients at


that can help banish Obama should and save you money.

Home remedies naturally:

 One great tip saturated cotton ball with which case I'll and swipe it over your face after

you watch morning and night  it remove any excess oil and it's a natural antiseptic

it also has anti-inflammatory properties another great app

make pay step 3 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon

honey mixture will help all impurities from the skin and it's in a minute the natural


Another idea create a mixture egg whites and lemon juice

it can be used as a cleanser or a mask the egg white

pull impurities from the skin and the lemon juice is a natural antiseptic

and helps with exfoliation and finally you can try one of these tried-and-true

acne medication

A little deputy tree oil or toothpaste on the blemish it'll help try it out and

heal faster.

Ice cubes apply on your face daily 5 to ten minutes.

Rubbing garlic on your pimples for 3 minutes dries out the pimples.

Make a face mask out of eggs white leave on 15 minutes while the oil is soaked up.

Aspirin & water mix until it form a paste leave the mask on for 15 minutes .

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