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Sexually transmitted diseases symptons and treatments:

Cuases and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections(STD's & STI's):

 STI's  STD's their cause
symptoms and treatment STI stnd for sexually transmitted infections
they are also known as std's all sexually-transmitted diseases


STI are caused by viruses bacteria
and other microorganisms that you can catch
 if you have sex with someone who is  carrying one of these infections .


These range from the most common such as clomidia
human papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes to the most feared
such as HIV.


Symptoms can start appear earliest as 3 days after sex
or can take weeks to months some people get infected
but never develop any symptoms,
 symptoms can be classified into

 *urinary symptoms
 *skin symptoms
 *general symptoms

Urinary symptoms include payment passing urine
and and abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina.

Skin symptoms such as growths on the skin
blisters or ulcars.

General symptoms such as fever loss of appetite
 malaise as swollen lymph glands


Treatment depends on the type of STI you have
some such as clomidia and gonorrhea
can be cured with antibiotics.

Some such as herpes at HIV Is lifelong infections that have to be managed.

Some STI such as his HPV and hepatitis
can be prevented with vaccine remember
as long as you are having sex you can have an STI
more most STI's can lead to serious complications
if left untreated .

see your doctor regular screening test
and treatment if necessary talk to him about getting vaccinated
against hepatitis and HPV.

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