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Sushi Recipe, How to make Sushi at Home:

Sushi, Sushi Recipe:

sushi the national dish of japan is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe
sushi lovers can now enjoy these tasty tidbits
in countless restaurants in sushi bars almost everywhere
that you don't have to go to a Japanese restaurant
to enjoy these delicious delicacies with deft fingers
and a little practice you can easily make 'em yourself
we invited to find out more about the preparation
love sushi step-by-step with Japanese sushi master Kiyoshi
today he  show you how to make Maki sushi, called Sushi roll.

Sushi Recipe, how to make sushi:

Maki sushi is sticky rice rapped with nori.
which is seald of seaweed, rich in minerals and vitamens.
it goes like this the basic ingrediants of this japenees delicacy rice
it's about trying to learn a lot from st. chariots
after cooking, alittle sushi vinegar is added to gives its flavour and aroma,
 before the rice can be used for sushi must be colled.
once the rice is cool
you can start first cut the nori sheet in half then
place the nori smooth side down on a bamboo sushi mat
leaving a gap at five millimeters from the all edge
now cover the nori sheet evenly with a layer
a prepared sushi rice it should be kept as thin as possible
a maximum of one centimeter thick clear the ties it up
it is important to leave the gap of 1-2 centimeters at the top
if you don't the roll can not be closed later on.
Next spread a little less sabe green horseradish paste in the
 middle at the better price but beware
was that he is extremely hot don't use too much
then place a stripper feeling on the rise at the bottom of the
nori sheet you can use tuna fish is feeling for instance or
cucumber Paul salmon and know you roll it
pressing even leave the nori sheet is rolled out but it's covering
using the bamboo mat and the edges pressed together when the
ends at the roller properly closed
open the match by applying light pressure now
put them out to one side and cut the roll with a sharp knife
in 26 equally sized pieces toward
and excellent did is naturally brewed sushi and sashimi soy sauce
this source enhances the flavor rule fish
perfectly as it's sweeter and milder than the original key command naturally
brewed soy sauce
so enjoy your sushi prepration.

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